NBA “Big”


The NBA Is “Big”

Following a sports lockout is a difficult thing for any league to come out of successfully. Millionaires arguing with billionaires spurs fan resentment, feeling angered their favorite source of sports entertainment is on hold. When the lockout finally ended, they needed to come back with a wallop. They needed to come back BIG.

Working with a company called NeuroFocus, we monitored the brain waves of NBA fans as they saw clips of various NBA footage. What stimulated them as must see tv was witnessing effort on the court; players demonstrating hustle and grit.

We needed a campaign strategy that underscored this reveal of effort, showcasing that the NBA is back and better than ever. The result was championing key moments when players gave it their all as the league reminded fans just how BIG the world’s most dynamic sport is.

role: strategy