Valspar Paint “AskVal” Color Tool

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Building color confidence, one paint chip at a time

When it comes to painting projects, getting that first swipe of paint on the wall is a challenge. It can mean a lot of trepidation, foot dragging and overthinking when it comes to picking the perfect paint color. Valspar felt there could be an easier way to remove the fear of choosing a paint color prior to a brick and mortar trip.

Getting that tactile feeling of a color chip without going to a hardware store was, surprisingly, non-existent from competitor brands. Our goal was to get them in the hands of consumers with as little friction as possible. With the help of in-depth interviews and customer experience mapping, we developed an online Pinterest Analyzer that churned up the most popular colors from users’ Pinterest accounts. We also allowed users to upload their favorite photos to pull out dominant colors and little known accents. Once they had a few in mind, they would be sent chips directly from the Valspar factory.

role: strategy

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